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Origin Story

Collab.Land created token gating as the Collab-19 bot, a submission to the ETH-Money hackathon in May 2020. Using ERC20 tokens, the Collab-19 bot managed access to a holders only Telegram channel. In October of 2020 Collab.Land expanded to Discord. As of today, Collab.Land also supports token-gated websites and apps, and more than 53k communities.

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Our Team

An eclectic team of community-forward builders & dreamers with experience ranging from pre-internet to early crypto. Creating the future we want to see.

Founder, CEO

James Young

Founder, CEO

25 years as a developer, launched FarmVille. Co-authored the whitepaper on Token Curated Registries and Moloch DAO, and launched the first Layer2 payment channel on Ethereum. One of the founding members of MetaCartel DAO.

Co-Founder, CTO

Raymond Feng

Co-Founder, CTO

A seasoned software architect who loves to write code, specializing in building large-scale integration/API platforms and applications. A veteran open source project maintainer and community builder. Co-Founder of StrongLoop and co-creator of LoopBack.

 Co-Founder, CCO

Anjali Young

Co-Founder, CCO

Passionate about online communities since 1993 as both member and leader. Has worked as a lawyer, adjunct professor, and early tech startup employee. Her focus is onboarding tokenized projects/partners and sharing web3 ethos and values.

Lead Developer

Alok Tiwari


20+ years engineering experience in online gaming, mobile and no-code tools development, 5+ years in web3.




Deepest gratitude to the ones who have been a part of our journey from the beginning. Long term games with long term players 🤝

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...and a community-minded collection of angels

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Mission + Vision


Creating and enabling community tools that encourage pro-social activity.

Enabling collaboration and positive community interactions.

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